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Hi everyone! Home again home again from another great run of shows. These past couple weeks I got to take out two different guitar players, for the first few days we had Jeff German (of the Cur Dogs, the Blankety Blanks, and many more..) and Todd May  (who played on Indestructible Machine and also has his own band The Mooncussers plus many past acts) for the second, southern part of the tour. They both bring out different sides of the music and are fucking hilarious so it was a nice mixed bag.

Now, I have quite a bit of much needed time off for writing and the nervous breakdowns that come along with that activity. As fun as the past year has been it’s definitely been tough and stressful at times and I’m ready to face it with a telecaster and a tremolo pedal. But don’t worry I’ll still be playing a couple shows for you.

AND for your listening pleasure, a month or so ago (don’t ask someone like me for specifics as I have horrible memory) we took a trip to Chicago to record a sound opinions episode. It was fun as hell and you can listen to it here:

My dorky voice tells you about growing up and stuff, and we play a new song. So listen listen!

See ya laterz


Hi there! I realize it’s been ages since I have posted anything. Touring can take the mental brainpower out of me and truth be told I am not the most exciting person out on the road. Unless you love reading about how I did my laundry :)

So, I’ve been home for a couple days sort of winding down. Friday we took a trip to Cincinnati to play Fountain Square. It was a loooong hot day but there were tons of people milling about, God bless ‘em. It was rather dizzying actually to look up and see the many faces and tall buildings. Pretty overwhelming, but a blast. I also had the pleasure of having an old friend on guitar, Jesse Ramsey (formerly of Cinci band Banderas). Jesse’s a very soulful player and we’ve spent many nights together playing bad 80′s/90′s tunes til 9 am so I enjoyed bringing him up onstage for a real show. Also some friends from home came down, which was great because I hadn’t seen them since the May as I was so busy. You can be sure some gossiping, ranting, raving and drinking went on that evening….

Saturday night in spite of wanting to do absolutely nothing  I pulled myself off the couch to see the stunning Elizabeth Cook, one of my musical heroes (heroines I guess). Her show was fantastic as was the opening set by Tim Carroll. The last time I had seen her was at a festival I played in Pagosa Springs CO and not only was there plenty of whiskey involved that weekend, the mountain air does strange things to my head, so it was nice to see her in Columbus and in my right mind, ha ha ha…Afterwards I actually got to chat with her a bit, get a picture with her and be total fan girl. Not a bad end to the night.


Sunday was less exciting. Got up and went to lunch with my sister at Bodega, my favorite place in Columbus to get cheap but interesting/”fancy” food and cocktails. We dragged our asses back to my house where we watched Flatliners and a Frasier marathon. Yeah, I probably shouldn’t even write about that. Around the 50th commercial for constipation/diarrhea/dentures we realized we were watching the wrong channel. Went on a double date with husband+ my friends Sara+Joe to see “Moonrise Kingdom”. I was really amused/saddened to see that the character Sam dresses quite a bit like me. I have often said that I hate movies created only to warm one’s heart, but this one accomplished that while also being funny and entertaining instead of just “ARE YOU CRYING YET?”  I love Wes Anderson and I will never forget the time an ex-boyfriend of mine said I thought he was stupid because he didn’t understand W.A. movies. I don’t think I ever said that to him, but he must have felt it radiating out of my every pore. Because he was pretty stupid.

Today it’s back to work. I bought a tremolo pedal in Austin and I’m itching to try it out. I’ll leave you with a picture of me and Elizabeth Cook:

Me+Elizabeth Cook

See you on the road