While I have a minute…

Hellooooo Carbondale Illinois. Playing Hangar 9 tonight. Nearing the end of the tour, which is always “bittersweet” if I used words like bittersweet. It’s good to be going home, but it always feels a little like coming back from the moon. A little strange to say the least. Especially after a tour so fulfilling and enjoyable.

Our usually trusty Dodge van finally started having some problems in DC the other day. I don’t drive, nor do I understand anything about cars, but it was something to do with the transmission slipping (duuuuhhhrrrrr….). Ben made a call to a mechanic who told us we needed a complete transmission overhaul which would cost at least a couple grand and take a few days. Lucky for us though, he also rented out vans for only a hundred dollars a day! Har dee har har. We decided to get a second opinion and, thanks to the friendly musician mechanic folks at Herndon Transmission Repair we were able to play the gig that night in Roanoke with no troubles. Now I just need to get rid of this damn cold and I’ll be all set to finish out the tour the proper way.

Feeling my usual end-of-tour empty headedness so I’ll cut this short. See you on the road.


Classin’ it up

Since we have the night off, Ben and I decided to get a decent meal, something we don’t get to do often but since we are in seafood country why the hell not? We thought since we had just rolled into town we would be the weirdest or sloppiest people there but no such luck. As we sat down a “gentleman” entered and immediately began complaining about everything he could think of. Since I am an incurable eavesdropper, I listened in horror to his every nagging word. He seemed to be set off by our charmingly awkward waiter calling him and his companions “you guys”, then was angry that he was brought butter with his dinner roll (“IDUNNEEDBUTTER!”) and when olives were brought with his salad, he exclaimed “GETEMOUTTAHERE!GETEMOFFTHEPLATE!”  Ben and I finished our delicious meal and were considering another drink but Father Nagsalot made our decision for us. We left unable to take anymore bitching about marxism, the LGBT community, the non-white agenda and (no kidding) vikings.

I don’t like people who talk because they distract me from my real goal in life: eating.

It was a long day of driving but it’s good to have the  night to write, read, and sleep. Yeah, I’m kinda lame.  Tomorrow we play the Dover Brickhouse in Dover, NH! Good to be on the road!

Just a quick note.

Playing at the Hideout in Chicago tonight. Apparently it’s sold out, which is pretty ok, right? I love playing in Chicago because it’s as comfortable as home for me and the shows are always really high energy.

So far this tour has been really good to us. I feel really lucky to be on the road with Scott Biram. Touring can be rough so it’s great to be out with someone we actually hit it off with. That combined with the new songs that keep popping into my head and I’m feeling pretty er, what’s that feeling? Oh yeah, cheerful.

Time to get back in the van. All the driving gets boring, but luckily I was smart and brought a fascinating book with me…Jane Eyre! Ha. I guess I don’t always plan properly. See you on the road